Metal Buildings

Custom Steel Buildings

ABCO-American manufactures a variety of metal buildings that can be used for everything from commercial office buildings to airplane hangars. The advantage of our steel building kits is that they come with everything you need to build and can be custom fitted to your specific needs.

Our commercial metal buildings can be designed to accommodate your work space, from the size of each office to how large a conference room is. You can determine the number of windows in your building, its color, even if it needs a kitchen. This is a building in which you want your employees to be productive and customers to be impressed.

Metal Buildings

For those that own an aircraft, protecting it from the elements is crucial to its upkeep. Our commercial metal hangars can be custom fitted to the size of your airplane and can be set up quickly. Our steel frame construction can be designed to accommodate not just your airplane, but also enough space in which to service your aircraft.

All commercial buildings we have for sale are delivered to the job site complete and ready to assemble, drawings are provided, stamped and signed by a registered structural engineer for the state building is to be constructed certifying that the building conforms to the local building codes.

Above were images of metal commercial buildings in various stages of construction from structural framing to completion.

Benefits of Metal Buildings

For any constructor or builder who wants a versatile, low-cost construction solution, prefabricated Metal Buildings are perfect structures. These Metal Buildings are quite adaptable and flexible, cost-effective, extremely resilient, environmentally safe, and almost completely maintenance-free. These Metal Buildings often dramatically reduce the construction times to a large extent so that you can get into your house as quickly as possible, and they make it a breeze to expand your plant.

Given Below is a list of the benefits you can get by using Metal Buildings.

1) Customization

In most of the cases, all you want for your safety, protection and comfort is a cookie-cutter building. Perhaps you just need a basic warehouse that isn’t in need of any kind of bells and whistles. Other times, though, you have to take the complete charge of the construction plan. For the purpose of making it more stable and add practicality and aesthetic features, you can customize your prefabricated Metal Buildings. It can be built in accordance with its intended usage whatever the reason for you to look at a prefabricated Metal Building.

All those Design considerations that are going to make this pre-engineered Metal Building more practical and effective will always be present. As you plan your metal house, you are allowed to include all of those considerations. And it has the same importance as that of size and shape of your Metal Building in selecting the right combination of prefabricated Metal Building components. Customizability is the contrast between having the dream structure and settling for less, no matter how you envision your new house.

Few Industries are listed here where the presence of Metal Buildings would be perfect.

2) Sustainable and Environment Friendly

One of the major advantages of these Metal or Steel Buildings is that steel is 100% recyclable and is considered to be the planet's most recycled and re-used commodity. Metal buildings are able to support our environment in a way that they tend to produce much less waste in amount as compared to the typical construction materials. A large amount of today's steel that is used in the construction of buildings has been recycled from other uses. This shows that in the near future, if the pre-engineered metal construction ever has to be stopped, it can be recycled quite easily and used anywhere else rather than being added to a landfill.

In the modern world, there is a tremendous focus on being green, which makes steel an ideal building material. During manufacturing or renovation, or in the case of a fire or any other accident, steel does not give off poisonous fumes. Isolating the Metal Building is quite simple and has tighter fittings around the doors and the windows, reducing the energy costs to a large extent. Heat island effects can be avoided with a cool metal roof design, so the surrounding atmosphere is exposed to less heat.

3) Durability

For consumers, the longevity of these prefab Metal Buildings makes them very appealing. After floods, the photos we see are of typical wooden buildings totally destroyed into pieces. Unlike conventional construction, these Metal Buildings will withstand the worst storms over and over again. And it is most likely included in your warranty in case anything goes wrong. Moreover, Prefab Metal buildings are inflammable and hence you don't have to worry about fire destroying them.

Metal Buildings

4) Low Maintenance Costs

The outer surface of your Metal Building will hardly need any kind of maintenance, irrespective of the materials you select. There is absolutely no need for you to paint from time to time like you used to do when you had an exterior of wood. Moreover, the termite industry alone is more than four billion dollars a year, something that you're not going to contribute to with a Metal Building. Mold is a costly building fix as well.

Metal Buildings

Since steel is of inorganic nature, hence the growth of any kind of fungi does not help it. As a wood frame does, the steel frame won't swaddle, decompose, break, twist, or crawl. You must be worried about nails bowing out and the foundation being loose with the passage of time when you create with wood. However, when you use steel to build, those concerns do not matter much. On the construction site, your steel or Metal Building is erected easily, and it remains that way for decades of maintenance-free operation.

5) Easy Expansion

A Metal Building, when it is completed, remains highly versatile in its usage. If your client wants more rooms, you can easily add a bit more floor space or build up to the building by enclosing it. A Metal Building is sturdy enough to withstand the extra weight of additional storeys. At the ground floor, more capacity can be added by adding some more units to an already existing building, increasing its footprint.

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